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  • Air Arms S400 MPR Biathlon .177 Cal PCP Air Rifle | 25 Feet Shooting Review


    Shooting the Air Arms S400 MPR Biathlon .177 Caliber PCP Air Rifle (Match Rifle) at 25 feet distance, trying out the iron sight or (open sight) with my poor vision! Let's see what this and the RWS R10 pellets can do at 25 feet! I am nervous!

  • Air Arms S400 MPR Biathlon PCP Precision Target Rifle Review and Shooting Test

    3 بازدید

    The Air Arms S400 MPR (multi position rifle) Biathlon, with white poplar stock, is a .177 Caliber PCP precision target rifle. With fully adjustable stock, cheek rest, trigger, sights and everything you need to customize the airgun into YOUR gun. This gun shoots at about 500 fps and is extremely accurate. The target sights are fully adjustable and comes with 5 elements (1 installed). Very pretty and sexy rifle! Since Olympic 2014 is up soon, we will showcase the stuff they use for the 10m air rifle or biath

  • Air Rifle - Walther LG400 Alutec Expert, Full Review

    35 بازدید

    Full Review of my Walther LG400 Alutec Expert Match Air rifle.

  • Crosman Challenger CH2009 review and analysis

    4 بازدید

    Crosman Challenger CH2009 analysis Link to more videos relating to the Crosman Challenger and air riflery in general: http://youtu.be/bIt_HmYkjKU http://youtu.be/X47d4LEy4t0 http://youtu.be/doASi_j7E4c

  • how to ruin a perfect group @ 110yards / 100m scopecam long range

    5 بازدید

    air rifle: steyr lg110HP cal.20 (5mm) scope: nikko stirling targetmaster 10-50x60 ft-reticle pellets: jsb exact .20 weight - 13.73 gr. head size - 5.1 mm scopecam: casio exilim ex fc-100 @normal speed and with 240fps range: lha auerhahn linz/ebelsberg austria music:Howard Tate - Don't need no monkey on my back you can order this gun at Wertgarner/Linz (miedler michael) feel free to subscribe :o)

  • Karabinek - wiatrówka HAMMERLI AR 20 FT

    11 بازدید

    http://www.bron.pl/wiatrowki-i-akcesoria/wiatrowki-karabinki/wiatrowka-karabinek-hammerli-ar20-ft-kal-4-5mm-16j Karabinek Hammerli AR 20 FT został zaprojektowany przez strzelców FT dla strzelców FT. Jest zasilany sprężonym powietrzem. Dzięki wszechstronnym regulacjom każdy strzelec może go dopasować do swoich potrzeb. Więcej na www.bron.pl.

  • Hämmerli AR20 ft my crappy review

    2 بازدید

    I did not find many videos about the Hämmerli AR20 ft, so I decided to get my cam out. Maybe it would help someone to get some information about it and have a look at it... Please excuse my horrible voice haha i'm Austrian with a blocked nose and I'm tired. And my shooting sucks as it was the first time I shot while sitting down, so the spread is horrible! The rifle sets the pellets exactly where you aim, I just didn't keep still and shake all over. But when I shot the wooden blocks the

  • Hammerli AR20FT shooting

    8 بازدید

    Hammerli AR20FT with Hawke Sidewinder 8-32x56 scope and homemade butt hook.

  • hammerli ar20 review (bags 1st review)

    2 بازدید

    my 1st review / interview, bags blog. starts with the hammerli ar20 ft. owned and used by dave the bags membership secretary.a real review by someone who owns and uses the gun,..

  • Shriyanka 10m air rifle

    4 بازدید

  • kral bullpup target at 30 yards

    4 بازدید

    Bullpup is a .22 caliber set the target up at 30 yards, it was slightly windy but the end result was a grouping at the size of a 10p (1 inch)

  • Steyr LG110 FT Connect (model 2014)

    16 بازدید

    I just got this Steyr LG 110 FT Connect that I set up for field target yesterday. I like it, I like it alot.. ;-) It is a 12 ft/lbs (16J) rifle with a Falcon T50 scope A bit shaky and fuzzy video, sorry..

  • custom paralax + turret cap for nikko diamond 10x50x60

    4 بازدید

    custom paralax + turret cap for nikko diamond 10x50x60 Arth-Desing FTN01

  • Mein neues Nikko Stirling Diamond 10-50x60

    3 بازدید

    Hier mal eine kurze Vorstellung meines neuen Zielfernrohres.

  • Прицел leapers 6-24x50

    16 بازدید

    Прицел http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Promotion-ORIGINAL-Leapers-UTG-6-24X50-Full-Size-AO-Mil-dot-RGB-Zero-Locking-Resetting-Scope/691662609.html Кольца http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Shipping

  • Видео обзор прицела Leapers 6-24x50 пер. кратности, с подсветкой

    8 بازدید

    Leapers 6-24x50 пер. кратности, с подсветкой, с отстройкой параллакса, милдот. Вес прицела: 820гр. сетка - милдот шесть точек на луч.

  • kral bullpup .22

    23 بازدید

    quick look at the kral bullpup in .22

  • .22 Kral Puncher Breaker, 1st Impressions

    29 بازدید

    In this video, I give my first impressions of the Troy Hammer-tuned Kral Puncher Breaker .22 bullpup PCP air rifle. The height comparison rifles in my closet in one of the pic slides had, from left to right: Weihrauch HW30s, Air Arms TX200, Kral PB, Air Arms S510 w/TKO brake, and Benji Summit NP2. The grouping at 35 yards was shot from a bench, rested, on a windy day. I tried to shoot between the 30 mph gusts, so that group could be improved for sure. Troy managed under an inch at 50 yards.

  • Hatsan Galatian .22 Airgun - FULL REVIEW

    14 بازدید

    Hatsan has long been known amongst airgunners to produce premier quality offerings at a modest price. Their late addition of the QE report silencing system has enhanced the lineup and added new value into this already sought after brand. Join us as we explore their top of the line rifle and see what the hubbub us all about. Best, Steve AEAC Manufacturer's web site: http://www.hatsanusa.com/ Scope used in the video: http://www.hawkeoptics.com/airmax-riflescopes.html Scope Rings: http://www.bklt

  • Eaglevision Adjustable Scope Mount - FULL REVIEW

    24 بازدید

    From the manufacturer: We have design and developed an amazing scope mount that allows the scope to move both horizontally and vertically along a guided path. The mount is lockable in different positions using two screws. This invention resolves a lot of problems for shooters who like to shoot long range and often run out of adjustment clicks on their turrets or want to use their scope camera and video record their shooting while shouldering their guns but the screen is too close to their eyes. The mou


    35 بازدید

    In this video i will be doing an accuracy test on the new kral arms puncher breaker silent walnut in 22 cal. will be testing at 25yrds using the 18.13gr JSB pellets. Also be comparing it vs the FX Streamline 25. Lets see if the value of the new kral arms is worth it. Im convinced already on the quality and performance of a value pcp bullpup rifle. order yours today for only $499 at Pyramyd Air. Links below. Please subscibe for more future videos and thanks for watching... Visit www.texasairgunner.vpweb

  • AIRGUN REVIEW 2: Kral Puncher Pro 25

    48 بازدید

    As the title states, this is going to be my 2nd review and keeping in tradition, I'm keeping it "TURKEY". The Kral is another Turkish airgun like the Hatsan and airguns aren't the only guns they make. While these airguns are relatively new on US shores, my plan is to get ahead of the game and bring you guys my OPINION on these airguns. This video will be part 1 of either 2-3 parts. So stay tuned!!

  • Part #2 LG PW1500 Minibeam HD Projector Review -English HD Demo-

    37 بازدید

    This is the LG PW1500. It is a great projector. I highly recommend this for movies and games. Works great with bluetooth speakers. There aren't many reviews or videos online so I hope this helps you. CLICK HERE for Part #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbF2CBDJcpg

  • STS Tactical Scope Review

    61 بازدید

    http://bsaoptics.com Review of BSA Optics Stealth Tactical Scope Series

  • Hatsan Barrage .22 Cal ( 5.5 mm ) Semi Automatic PCP Air Rifle

    97 بازدید

    Türkiye de yerli üretim ilk ve tek yarı otomatik PCP... Bahtiyar beye ve Hatsan Silah Sanayi çalışanlarına teşekkürler... Böylesine yeni bir soluk verdiğiniz için bu hobiye... Videomuzu birinci bölüm olarak kabul edebilirsiniz. İnşallah devamı da gelecek. Keyifli seyirler dilerim.

  • Kral Puncher Jumbo 5.5 mm PCP Tanıtımı

    206 بازدید

    Ve Kral Puncher Jumbo nun ikinci kısım videosu sizlerle. Chrony rapoları ve kısa bir grupman çalışması daha mevcut. Keyifli seyirler dilerim. Chrony raporları yazılı olarak : 14:26

  • Hatsan Barrage 5.5 mm (.22) 120 metre atışları

    108 بازدید

    Hatsan Barrage 5.5 mm ( .22 ) - Hawke Vantage SF 6-24x44 Keyifli seyirler dilerim.

  • Air Arms S510 EXTRA fac Ultimate Sporter .22 Airgun - FULL REVIEW

    68 بازدید

    Join us as we shed some new light on this late offering from Air Arms and share the rest of the story. We test 13 varieties of pellet at varying distances, explore sound output


    256 بازدید

    amigos otro review mas de un nuevo rifle pcp excelente para todo el que gusta comenzar con algo bueno y a muy buen precio. Este pcp de fabricaron turca viene con todo a mexico con buena precision, buen conteo de tiros y au que no es un rifle muy potente da la potencia suficiente para practicar tiro, cacería pequeña y plinking.