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گلچین کنفرانس ها و ارائه های توسعه دهندگان در سراسر دنیا!

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گلچین کنفرانس ها و ارائه های توسعه دهندگان در سراسر دنیا!

  • 52
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همه ویدیو ها

  • Event Logging - Valtteri Wallden - GOTO Stockholm 2016

    669 بازدید

    This talk will provide insight into event logging as a problem domain and into how and why the platform team at Truecaller re-designed event logging. GOTO Stockholm 2016 Valtteri Wallden - Backend Software Engineer at TrueCaller

  • Deploying Symfony - Symfony Catalunya 2016

    80 بازدید

    Web applications are increasingly more complex, so deployment is not just transferring files with FTP anymore. We will go over the different challenges and how to deploy our Symfony applications effectively, safely and consistently with the latest tools and techniques. We will also look at tools that complement deployment with management, configuration and monitoring.

  • Pushing the limits of PHP with ReactPHP - T3DD16

    114 بازدید

    It's 2016 and times have changed - yet PHP is still most often associated with your average product catalogue or blogging platform. In this talk you will learn that PHP's huge ecosystem has way more to offer and PHP is not inferior at all to its evil cousin Node.js. You will learn about the core concepts of async PHP and why you too should care about React PHP being a real thing. The talk ...

  • Disaster Recovery Sites on AWS: Min Cost,Max Efficiency

    44 بازدید

    Implementation of a disaster recovery (DR) site is crucial for the business continuity of any enterprise. Due to the fundamental nature of features like elasticity, scalability, and geographic distribution, DR implementation on AWS can be done at 10-50% of the conventional cost. In this session, we do a deep dive into proven DR architectures on AWS and the best practices, tools and ...

  • Laravel 5.3 Overview - Taylor Otwell - Laracon US 2016

    137 بازدید

    Taylor Otwell is the creator and maintainer of the Laravel framework and Laravel Forge.

  • YAGNI With Laravel - Jason McCreary - Laracon US 2016

    356 بازدید

    YAGNI is a principle of eXtreme Programming - something I practice daily at work. YAGNI is an acronym for You Aren’t Gonna Need It. It states a programmer should not add functionality until deemed necessary. In theory, this seems straightforward, but few programmers practice it.

  • APIs with Lumen, Guzzle and Swagger - Laracon US 2016

    407 بازدید

    Building a quality RESTful API can be challenging. Let's discuss a few best practices and how embracing three particular technologies — the Lumen framework (and related packages), the Guzzle HTTP library, and the Swagger (OpenAPI) Specification — can make it easier for you to implement your API and for your users to consume your API. That way, everyone can spend more time adding business value ...

  • Keeping Eloquent Eloquent - Laracon US 2016

    89 بازدید

    Laravel's Eloquent ORM is an Active Record implementation that makes working with databases almost even fun. It's simple and intuitive API is honestly a breath of fresh air. But not everything is always roses, Eloquent can't protect you from using in ways it wasn't necessarily intended to be used. This presentation pulls examples from my own experiences and highlights some of the mistakes ...

  • Design Case Study - Ryan Singer - Laracon US 2016

    209 بازدید

    Product strategy at Basecamp. Comfortable in niches, illuminated by causality.

  • Practical Software Estimation - Laracon US 2016

    146 بازدید

    Many developers are often asked by project owners to give time estimates for features or bug fixes. But how many developers have the ability to provide project owners a reasonable estimate? Many developers will just follow irrational formulas or arbitrary methods to create a number that is not only wrong, but costly. "Stop Multiplying by 4" will teach developers of all skill levels easy ...

  • PHP Performance Tuning With Blackfire - Laracon US 2016

    137 بازدید

    Laracon US 2016: Fabien Potencier - PHP Performance Tuning With Blackfire - Founder and CEO @blackfireio, co-founder @SensioLabs, founder and project lead @Symfony

  • Zollections - Adam Wathan - Laracon US 2016

    118 بازدید

    Trying to understand a complex function full of nested loops and conditionals is like trying to read a "choose your own adventure" book from front to back. In this whirlwind tour of programming with collection pipelines, you'll learn how to use functional programming ideas to break down complex code and abstract hidden duplication behind expressive higher order functions.

  • Get a Whiff of This - Sandi Metz - Laracon US 2016

    76 بازدید

    A talk about code smells. - Cyclist, Rubyist, reluctant author, obsessive programmer, recalcitrant blogger and the antidote for ambition. - Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/skmetz/get-a-whiff-of-this

  • Wizards, Lawnmowers, and Hovercrafts - Laracon US 2016

    141 بازدید

    Creativity. Perspective. People, Products, and Products. Mash em together with magic and get real life, practical advice. - Jack McDade is fully grown human being and founder of Statamic, a pretty neat Laravel-powered CMS. - Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/jackmcdade/wizards-lawnmowers-and-hovercrafts

  • Tests Should Tell A Story - Laracon US 2016

    110 بازدید

    Matthew Machuga - Father, husband, nerd. Senior software developer at Think Through Math. Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/machuga/tests-should-tell-a-story

  • Zero to API With Lumen -Amanda Folson- Laracon US 2016

    124 بازدید

    Ever wanted to create an API but weren't sure how to get started? Create APIs quickly with the Lumen PHP micro-framework. Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/afolson/zero-to-api-with-lumen

  • PHP 7 - Zeev Suraski - Laracon US 2016

    211 بازدید

    Dad of three adorable daughters, Co-Architect of PHP, CTO and Co-founder of Zend.

  • Long Live HTTP 2 - Ben Ramsey - Laracon US 2016

    74 بازدید

    Request for Comments (RFC) 2616 reigned supreme as the specification for the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) for fifteen years. Now, it’s been obsoleted by a handful of new RFCs, and HTTP/2 is a reality. In this talk, we’ll take a look at the new RFCs, discuss the differences and clarifications they make, and take a look at what’s new in HTTP/2 and what it means for you.

  • Vue Router and Vuex - Evan You - Laracon US 2016

    97 بازدید

    Design, code and things in between. Creator of vuejs, ex-Googler, Parsons alumnus.

  • Servers for Hackers - Chris Fidao - Laracon US 2016

    123 بازدید

    A guide through the annoying parts of servers. - .UserScape-er. Open-sorcery and learning. Breakfast tacos. srvrsforhackers Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/fideloper/server-survival

  • Test Driven Laravel - Adam Wathan - Laracon US 2016

    181 بازدید

    Laracon US 2016: Adam Wathan - Test Driven Laravel (Day 1) Senior Developer at Tighten Co.

  • Manage large CSS projects with ITCSS - 2015

    102 بازدید

    Harry Roberts introduces Inverted Triangle CSS, and explains how to use it to create, manage and scale your large-scale CSS projects

  • OOP to FP - Julia Gao - PolyConf 2016

    46 بازدید

    A lot of us got introduced to object-oriented programming when we first learned how to program, and some (if not all) of us kept using object-oriented languages for school/work. Functional programming paradigm produces more readable and reliable code, and Julia will introduce some of the ways to make learning functional programming easy.

  • It is Simple • Adrian Cockcroft - GOTO Stockholm 2016

    107 بازدید

    What does it mean to be simple or complicated? How can we manage complexity when we scale up systems? It's Simple... Why do people find it horrifying when the unimaginable internal complexity of monolithic apps is replaced by a “death star” diagram of the relationships between microservices? How can we make complicated systems observable? Why do people expect complex adaptive systems to [...]

  • Pragmatic Microservices • GOTO Stockholm 2016

    56 بازدید

    This session takes a pragmatic approach to microservices, and compares them to the alternatives at different stages of company evolution. Using examples both from Google and eBay as well as from smaller organizations, it makes practical suggestions about whether, when, and how an organization should consider adopting a microservices architecture. ...

  • What is New in Docker ۱.۱۲ - DockerCon 2016

    88 بازدید

    Simple Yet Powerful – Orchestration is a central part of modern distributed applications; it’s so central that we have seamlessly built it into our core Docker Engine. Our approach to orchestration follows our philosophy about containers: no setup, only a small number of simple concepts to learn, and an “it just works” user experience. Resilient – Machines fail all the time. Modern systems [...]

  • runC: The little engine that could - DockerCon 2016

    89 بازدید

    In this talk Phil Estes, Docker engine maintainer who has also contributed to libcontainer and runC, will show what's possible using runC as a lightweight and fast runtime environment to experiment with lower-level features of the container runtime. Phil will introduce a conversion tool called "riddler", which can inspect and convert container configurations from Docker into the proper OCI [...]

  • Getting Deep on Orchestration - DockerCon 2016

    88 بازدید

    Orchestration platforms let us work with higher level ideas like services and jobs; but there is more to a platform than scheduling and service discovery. A platform is a collection of actors and APIs that work together and provide those higher level abstractions on a distributed system. In this session we'll go deep on the architecture of open source orchestration platforms, consider [...]

  • Docker for Developers - Part 2 - DockerCon 2016

    90 بازدید

    Build; Docker Builds Integration Tests Privacy controls Parallelism Official images --- Ship; Public registry Private repositories Security scanning Multi-architecture --- Run Infrastructure agnostic Overlay network Service discovery One-click upgrades Easily scalable

  • Docker for Developers - Part 1 - DockerCon 2016

    91 بازدید

    David Gageot is a software engineer at Docker, currently working on Docker for Windows and Docker for Mac. This talk is for developers. Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/Docker/docker-for-developers-part-1-by-david-gageot

  • Docker for Mac and Windows - DockerCon 2016

    112 بازدید

    Docker for Mac and Windows were released in beta in March, and provide lots of new features that users have been clamouring for including: file system notifications, simpler file sharing, and no Virtualbox hassles. During this talk, I will give the inside guide to how these products work. We will look at all the major components and how they fit together to make up the product. This [...]