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همه ویدیو ها

  • Healthcare Startup | Josh Liu | TEDxYouth@Toronto

    32 بازدید

    Dr. Joshua Liu shares his ideas on how to improve healthcare by capitalizing on the accelerating world of mobile technology, an approach that has catapulted his startup, SeamlessMD, to the forefront the healthcare tech revolution.

  • How Governments Can Harness the Science of Synchronised Randomness

    38 بازدید

    Video of S.Strogatz talk "How Can Governments Harness the Science of Collective Behavior" at #WorldGovernmentSummit2019. Thank you so much to everyone on the wonderful team @WorldGovSummit! https://t.co/6NvUsUP8JG

  • Data Cleaning Tutorial (2018) | Cleaning Data With Python and Pandas

    74 بازدید

    This data cleaning tutorial will introduce you to Python's Pandas Library in 2018. Check out our website for the best Data Science tips in 2018: https://www.dataoptimal.com

  • Install WordPress using cPanel for Beginners

    52 بازدید

    http://danscourses.com - In this beginners tutorial, I show you the basics of using a webhosting server account with cPanel. I demonstrate how to manually upload WordPress to the webhost using file manager, how to create a MySQL database and database user account, and how to install WordPress. The tutorial also covers the basics of using cPanel. Subscribe!

  • Mahmoud Karimi - Fatemiyeh (2017), First Day

    36 بازدید

    هر کی اینجا مهمون میشه کل درداش درمون میشه حتی اونکه دلش از سنگه اینجا چشماش گریون میشه

  • The most unexpected answer to a counting puzzle

    64 بازدید

    Stay tuned for the full explanation: http://3b1b.co/subscribe https://twitter.com/3blue1brown

  • عباس کریمی: داستان پیچیدگی: چرا بیشتر، متفاوت است؟

    1,044 بازدید

    کنفرانس سار - پاییز ۹۷ http://sar.inmost.ir/?page_id=4315

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger 2018

    28 بازدید

    For the full interview - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7nW8V_NntJawOXED8zJ55A

  • آیا فیزیک می تواند شبکه های اجتماعی را تحلیل کند؟

    312 بازدید

    همایش پیوند - sitpor.org ارائه عباس کریمی در مورد علم شبکه سومین همایش پیوند - دانشگاه شهیدبهشتی تابستان ۹۷ اطلاعات بیشتر و اسلایدها در: http://www.sitpor.org/2018/12/physics-of-social-networks/

  • Brian Conrey - Lecture 1/5 [Mini-course: Random Matrix Theory] [2015]

    27 بازدید

    Video taken from: http://video.impa.br/index.php?page=international-conference-in-number-theory-and-physics


    12 بازدید

    For more information, visit https://pcmi.ias.edu

  • The Simplicity of Complexity with Peter Sloot

    30 بازدید

    For more cool science visit www.scienceandcocktails.org

  • Is a scientific career predictable?

    26 بازدید

    Research on creativity has shown that people tend to produce their most important works when they are young. This is true for scientists too. But a new study finds that this is simply because scientists are more productive in their early years. When the study's authors discounted productivity, they found that a scientist has an equally good chance of producing a high impact paper towards the end of their career.

  • What Is Emergence?

    86 بازدید

    How do extraordinarily complex emergent phenomena — like ants assembling themselves into living bridges, or tiny water and air molecules forming into swirling hurricanes — spontaneously arise from systems of much simpler elements? The answer often depends on a transition in the interplay between the elements that resembles a phase change. Read about this third episode of the new season of In Theory videos here: https://www.quantamagazine.org/how-complex-wholes-emerge-from-simple-parts-20181220

  • Random Matrices

    31 بازدید

    For the latest information, please visit: http://www.wolfram.com Speaker: Hsien-Ching Kao Wolfram developers and colleagues discussed the latest in innovative technologies for cloud computing, interactive deployment, mobile devices, and more.

  • Velocity 2012: Richard Cook, "How Complex Systems Fail"

    8 بازدید

    Richard Cook Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Dr. Richard Cook is the Professor of Healthcare Systems Safety and Chairman of the Department of Patient Safety at the Kungliga Techniska Hogskolan (the Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm, Sweden. He is a practicing physician, researcher and educator.

  • Ant architecture: The simple rules of ant construction

    24 بازدید

    Fire ants work together to build complex structures out of their own bodies. Research that reveals the simple rules behind this behaviour could be used to inform robotics. Read more at http://www.nature.com/news/1.22290 12th July 2017

  • #109 Simon DeDeo: From Atoms to Societies, Emergentism and Reductionism

    28 بازدید

    In this episode, we talk about the ways we can apply knowledge and mathematical models from Physics to the study of human social behavior and cultural evolution. We also deal with the philosophical issue of emergentism vs reductionism.

  • Bohmian Mechanics- An Alternative to Quantum

    21 بازدید

    I explain the basic idea of Bohmian Mechanics and how it gives the same results as Quantum Mechanics with out saying things like "a particle is in more than one place at a time" Here's the Bell's theorem episode: http://youtu.be/5HJK5tQIT4A EXCITING NEWS: Russian subs available on this episode! Thank you to the amazing Daniel Pavlov!

  • Future Talk with guest Leonard Susskind

    33 بازدید

    Marty Wasserman interviews Leonard Susskind, director of the Stanford Institute of Theoretical Physics, on String Theory, black holes, and cosmology.

  • Perspective and Challenges in Statistical Physics and Complex Systems

    28 بازدید

    Perspective and Challenges in Statistical Physics and Complex Systems for the Next Decade. Honor of Eugene Stanley and Liacir Lucena

  • Future Circular Collider (FCC) study animation - Expanding our Horizons (JP)

    35 بازدید

    A short animation highlighting the effort to design a future circular collider housed in a 100 km tunnel for the post-LHC era after 2035. The animation was produced for the Science Agora 2017 festival that took place in Tokyo, Japan. EuroCirCol – The European Circular ​Energy-Fr​ontier Collider Study. This Research and Innovation Action project submitted to call H2020-INFRADEV-1-2014-1 receives funding from the European Union’s H2020 Framework Programme under grant agreement no. 654305.

  • But WHY is a sphere's surface area four times its shadow?

    18 بازدید

    Two lovely ways of relating a sphere's surface area to a circle. Fourier socks, pi plushies, and more: http://3b1b.co/store Happy holidays!

  • Science of Science: Quantifying Success (Albert-László Barabási)

    61 بازدید

    Event: International Conference of Social Futuring Center - Connecting Global Potentials Venue: 23 March 2018, Budapest www.socialfuturing.com

  • Kingdom of Heaven (Rise a knight!)

    136 بازدید

    The scene where Orlando Bloom makes all his man knights

  • «استنباط ماتریس برهمکنش شبکه های پیچیده در حال تحول» عباس کریمی

    191 بازدید

    رهیافت دنبال شده در این مطالعه به ما در یافتن درک بهتری از سلول به عنوان یک سیستم پیچیده کمک می کند.

  • The Secret Life of Snow -- Kenneth Libbrecht public lecture

    34 بازدید

    A look at the science behind nature's beautiful crystalline art, delivered by Kenneth Libbrecht as part of Perimeter Institute's Public Lecture Series in 2012.

  • Lecture: Mathematics of Big Data and Machine Learning

    36 بازدید

    MIT RES.LL-005 D4M: Signal Processing on Databases, Fall 2012 View the complete course: https://ocw.mit.edu/RESLL-005F12 Instructor: Jeremy Kepner Jeremy Kepner talked about his newly released book, "Mathematics of Big Data," which serves as the motivational material for the D4M course. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at https://ocw.mit.edu/terms More courses at https://ocw.mit.edu

  • فرکتال ها، مفاهیم مقیاسی و بازبهنجارش (۱)

    187 بازدید

    می دانیم در رویارویی با سیستم های پیچیده، هموار کردن پی در پی سیستم در مقیاس های ریزتر معمولا نقطه شروع مناسبی برای مطالعه سیستم به طور ریاضیاتی نیست. درک این موضوع، تغییر چشم گیری را در بنیادهای فکری ما به همراه داشته است. در این سخنرانی ابتدا فرکتال ها، به عنوان موجوداتی که در مقیاس ریزتر جزئیاتشان را از دست نمی دهند را معرفی می کنیم. سپس بی آنکه سراغ جعبه ابزار نظریه میدان های کوانتومی رویم، ایده بازبهنجارش را به عنوان چارچوب جامع تری برای مطالعه رفتار سیستم ها در مقیاس های مختلف و چگونگی ارتباط این رفت

  • Simon DeDeo: Information Theory, Big History, and the Minds of Others

    29 بازدید

    Information Theory, Big History, and the Minds of Others, A Sussex Humanities Lab Research Seminar with Dr Simon DeDeo at the University of Sussex. Chaired by: Prof Tim Hitchcock Music: Joshua Szweda https://soundcloud.com/joshszweda Producer: Catalina Z. Balan http://www.catalinabalan.co.uk/