FTSC-V600 Pouch Making Machine (English Subtitle)


Suitable for sealable co-extrusion films, multi-layer films such as laminates of Polyester,BOPP and CPP... The FTSC-V Pouch Making Machine is ideal for the production of 3-side sealing bag, stand-up pouch, bottom gusseted stand-up pouch, zipper pouch, combined stand-up/zipper pouch, four side seal bag. FTSC-V500, -V600 : Three Side Seal Pouch Making Machine FTSC-V500-2, -V600-2 : Three Side Seal Bag/ Stand-Up Pouch Making Machine FTSC-V500-3, -V600-3 : Three Side Seal Bag/ Stand-Up Pouch/ Zipper Pouch Maki

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