From Ashura to Arbaeen

"I Saw Nothing but Beauty" "ما رأیتُ الّا جمیلا" This video clip, narrated by the servants of the International Affairs Department of the holy shrine of Shahecheragh(PBUH), is a short and simple report of what happend to the Imam Hussain(PBUH) and his companions' family from Ashura to Arbaeen. این کلیپ حادثه کربلا و وقایعی که از عاشورا تا اربعین برای امام حسین علیه السلام و اصحاب ایشان اتفاق افتاده را به روایت تنی چند از راهنمایان گردشگری حرم مطهر حضرت احمد بن موسی الکاظم شاهچراغ علیه السلام روایت میکند Produced by the Public Relations Foreign Affairs Office of the Holy Shrine of Shahecheragh (PBUH) تهیه شده در روابط عمومی و امور بین الملل آستان مقدس حضرت شاهچراغ علیه السلام. The Official Channel of the Holy Shrine of Shahecheragh in Aparat کانال رسمی آپارات حرم مطهر: Imam Hussain (PBUH) was born in Medina, in 626 AD. He was the son of Imam Ali, the first Shi’a Imam and Lady Fatemeh, the beloved daughter of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Them). After his elder brother -Imam Hassan (PBUH) - was martyred, Hussain (PBUH) was pressured by the governor of the time, Yazid, the son of Muawiya and grandson of Abusufyan, to give allegiance to the oppression and tyranny which ruthlessly aimed to annihilate all Islamic values previously taught and practiced by the holy Prophet of Islam and the true followers. Hence, Imam Hussain (PBUH) and his very few followers resisted against that tyranny and were thus threatened to death during the time they were performing the Hajj pilgrimage. The Imam and his family and companions had to leave Mecca, and Yazid’s army followed them and forced them to surrender in the desert land of Karbala. Imam Hussain (PBUH) along with family members and companions stood bravely against tyranny and refused to accept the false claims of the governor of the time, Yazid, to be “Amir al-Mo’menin” and the “Imam of the Muslims”. Imam Hussain’s aim was not to let the true message of Islam which is being noble, generous, honest, and pious, be distorted and misinterpreted. The day of “Ashoura”, was a very hot and sorrowful day because the enemy’s army had blocked off the way to nearby “Euphrates” river and the only source of drinking water. Imam Hussian’s caravan suffered from parching thirst under the scorching sun. Imam Hussain was the last man in the group who went bravely to battle against the large crowd of Yazid’s army. The enemies killed Imam Hussain (PBUH) while he was alone and thirsty and took his children and those of his companions as captives. Of the last words of Imam Hussain (PBUH) before he was beheaded by cruel commander of Yazid’s army, Shimr, was: “I rose against the tyranny only to revive the Prophet’s message of God the Almighty.” After the event of Ashura the family of Imam Hussain, along with their companions were moved as captives first to Kufa (Ubeydollah Ibn-e Zyad’s palace) and then to Shaam (Yazid’s palace). During the journey, Imam Hussain’s sister, Lady Zeynab and Imam Sajjad tried to enlighten people and reveal the injustice of Yazid and his followers by giving speeches and sermons. The famous saying of Lady Zainab (PBUH), in front of Yazid after they had moved the captives to the palace was: “All through these events, I saw only beauty, since we sacrificed all we had in the way of truth.” During their stay in Shaam and after Lady Zeynab and Imam Sajjad’s efforts to inform people about the truth of the event of Ashura, Yazid was afraid of a riot among people and sent Imam Hussain’s family back to their hometown, Medina. On the way, the family of Imam asked their guide to take them to Karbala first, so that they could visit the tombs of their beloved ones who were martyred there.
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