Six Days Short Film- شش روز: بازیگر: مرتضی پورعلی

مرتضاپورعلی 50 دنبال‌ کننده
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Director: Pourya Moradi Actor: Morteza PourAli Composer: Hesam Inanlou Director of Photography: Ramtin Firouzian Iran - Tehran 2015 Description: A man mysteriously appears in a hospital bed one day. Nobody knows why he's there, or what's wrong with him, but they won't let him go. He’s Just Woken Up In A Hospital Bed And He Has No Idea Why He’s There.

مانکن - قسمت 14
کارگردان: حسین سهیلی زاده مدت زمان: 50 دقیقه
مانکن - قسمت 14